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Meyjor into the niche with the only ultimate goal of keeping clients satisfied with our wide range of microfiber products . adopting modern technology while keeping the traditional values of serving the best in mind, our company has instantly become the best microfiber manufacturer in China. we never settle for less and offer a flawless and functional range of all products.

What Do We Do?
Meyjor manufactures and exports all kinds of microfiber cleaning products.

Our Core Value
Excellence - We must constantly strive to improve ourselves, our teams, our services and our products to become the best in the industry. Various criteria are on which excellence can be defined such as Perfect Product, Efficiency, Service, Process, Competence, Management, Technology, etc.happiness For All - We constantly meet the expectations of all our stakeholders like customers, employees, vendors, distributors, society, etc,speed Of Execution - We look upon speed as responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency. We shall continuously seek to crash timelines and ensure expeditious completion of our tasks. Through this value, we hope to build an agile and proactive organization that is prompt to respond to the present and future needs of our customers. Teamwork - As a team, we must act upon together, understand, complement, add value & help each other to reach a predefined common purpose. We always aim to fulfil ethical standards in our premise with our motto “WE ARE THE ONE, WE WILL BE THE ONE”

Our Mission
Meyjor is to promote prosperous and convenient lifestyle among families across the globe. Everyone should be satisfied so we always try to give new and innovative products for our customer. we want to go so far so we want to go together. We work and live here humanity development is our mission.

Our Vision
To produce and market superior quality microfiber cleaning products at competitive prices so that every family can afford them over a Worldwide.

Why Us?
Some major features that help us in becoming a reliable company are:
Prompt delivery
Huge distribution network
Fair business policies
Stringent quality control
Efficient infrastructure
Dexterous professionals

About Us

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