Daily maintenance of gold and silver jewelry .

1. Cleaning and maintenance of gold jewelry: cleaning in the yellow square jewelry store, with ultrasonic washing tank, the washing standard formula is: 40C warm boiled water 1000 ml, anhydrous chromium anhydride 100 g, sulfuric acid 30 ml. The method is: hang the jewelry with the number of plastic sheets, then wear it with copper wire, hang it on a stainless steel rod, and suspend it in the washing tank, and the washing time is 80-120 seconds. The manual cleaning method is to first soak the jewelry in 30% sulfuric acid cleaning solution for 5 minutes, wash it with a brush, then rinse it under the tap water for 5 minutes, and finally soak it with 20% shampoo or dish soap for 10 minutes, wash and rinse with water for 20 minutes, and dry it with silk.
2. Cleaning and maintenance of silver jewelry: 1000 ml of 50C warm water, 200 ml of phosphoric acid, 30 grams of concentrated laundry detergent, and poured into the ultrasonic cleaning tank for 100 seconds, and then rinsed with water. Home cleaning: Pour the cleaning solution into a container, soak the silver jewelry for 10 minutes, wash it with a toothbrush, and rinse it with water for 10 minutes.
3. Maintenance of jewelry such as crystal, jade, and gold: usually wear it as much as possible to avoid bumping and bumping, and try to avoid rubbing with other objects. When storing, dust and dirt should be removed from the jewelry and wrapped in a clean cloth. Crystals and jade objects can be wiped with a dry cloth after being stained with dust. After the gold jewelry is dirty, you can go to a professional place to clean the gold, or you can wash it yourself with a detergent such as dish soap. Or apply a little toothpaste to the gold jewelry and wipe it with a dry cloth. Then, wash it with clean water and wipe the moisture off the gold jewelry, and it will shine like new.

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