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Meyjor established in 2005 and mainly focus on the microfiber textile products, for example, the microfiber cleaning products, the household textiles, car care products and pet products. Meyjor is committing to the innovation and research for microfiber material and different series of end products. We have fully formed a producing chain from producing microfiber material and four kinds microfiber material weaving (warp knitting/circular knitting /woven/carpet), dyeing and manufacturing for many series of end products. Meyjor has complete industrial chain production facilities over 200 employees that covering the whole production line. Meyjor has achieved an annual functional microfiber production of 3000 tons, different kinds of microfiber material 1000 tons. Of the quantity, 100,000,00 pieces of microfiber finished products are produced per year. Meyjor exported to Europe ,United States and all around the world mainly . Meyjor remains firmly in its quest to deliver top quality products. The promise is long standing with current and future customers alike.

The company's strong and professional design, engineering, operation, sales team, for the company's rapid development laid the foundation, become the industry's word-of-mouth brand. in the future, we will also provide more cutting-edge and fashionable products and services. quality from the professional, ingenuity alone made high-quality goods .


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